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Peter Mbah Commissioned New 24/7 9th Mile Water Facility

His Excellency the Governor of Enugu State Dr. Peter Mbah, commissioned the new 24/7 9th mile water facility. The new facility is producing up to 70,000 m3 of clear and fresh water for the people of Enugu City. The water is distributed to the main reservoir at New Market by Gravity. It is one of the most modern water production areas in Africa and even worldwide. High-quality materials from International Companies like Ke Kelit and Hawle have been used to guarantee sustainable production. The main contractors were all Nigerian Companies, which shows the available craftsmanship in our country. Especially the implementation time of only 180 days is matchless. As a steady electricity supply is vital for the production a CNG gas power plant was built by Fedikore a partner of ENSWC. Based on the design, the water production is extremely cost-efficient and enables ENSWC to deliver potable water to the people of Enugu for an affordable price.