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Enugu State Water Corporation delivers water 24/7 at a robust pressure of up to 7 bar. While this ensures continuous water supply, such high pressure may pose a risk to substandard water pipes in your surroundings. To safeguard your plumbing infrastructure, it is strongly recommended to install a water pressure regulator on your premises. Water pressure regulators are specifically designed to modulate water flow into your home, preventing undue stress on the plumbing system. Maintaining optimal water pressure is crucial in averting potential plumbing issues associated with excessive pressure.
Enugu State Water Corporation offers two primary packages for Private Customers: the Full Package and the Semi Full Package, priced at 800,000 and 300,000 Naira, respectively.
Connecting to the new water meter is a simple process. You can conveniently apply online via Alternatively, you can visit our head office at 3 Constitution Road, GRA, Enugu. Our team will be happy to support you.

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