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Nsukka and Udi

The rehabilitation of water production and distribution for Nsukka and Udi are priority projects ENSWC will implement in 2024. The Governor has approved the money for these investments. The planning will start at the beginning of 2024, and implementation should start after Eastern at the latest. End of 2024, the production facilities should be ready.


24/7 9th Miles

In 2024, the capacity of 24/7 9th miles will be increased from 70,000m3 to 150,000m3 per day. Another 18 boreholes will be drilled and equipped with 150 HP pumps. A 15 km long distribution line with a capacity of 80,000 m3 per 24 hours will be implemented to transport this additional water to the city.

Oji River

As the pumps at Oji River and its substations are worn out, 13 new pumps will be installed in the first half of 2024. These pumps have an installed capacity of 5,7 MW and will be able to pump and transport 50,000 m3 of water per day to Enugu City. All buildings will be renovated for a sustainable and modern environment for the people of Enugu Water Corporation.

Iva Valley

These two springs will be renewed in 2024. The revitalization will take 18 months as this work must mainly be done by hand based on the locations and the sensitivity and scope of this work. Enugu City will have a sustainable and natural water supply of 10,000 m3 per day if this job is done properly.