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Commercial Customers Information

You would be contacted within 48 Hours (Working Days) for an inspection on your property for a better detailed cost effect on your installation.

Please Select Water Package below!:

Enugu State Water Corporation provides water 24/7 with very high pressure up to 7 bar. Such pressure could damage poor quality water pipes in your environment.
It is recommended that you use water pressure regulator in your environment.
Water pressure regulators are made to reduce the flow of water into the home in order to limit the strain put on the plumbing infrastructure. Too much water pressure can cause many plumbing problems, so it is very important to keep the water pressure under control.

This comes with a Prepaid Meter, Water Preasure reducer, two valves in the box and connecting to the closest distribution line ( max 35 meters) with an installation cost of N 800,000.00

This comes with Prepaid Meter, one valve. For this package and connection line to the house is mandatory. Installation cost is
N 300,000.00


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