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Water Excellence Meets Government Commitment

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Life Flows Through Water

ENSWC plays a crucial role in ensuring that residents of Enugu State have access to clean and safe drinking water, so that every sip is as refreshing as it should be.

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Water payments now available on prepaid baises, you pay for what you use.

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Keeping water standards at the highest level always.

Latest News and Updates

Mbah Breaks 20-Year Old Water Jinx
Governor of Enugu State, His Excellency Dr. Peter Mbah Inaugurates Landmark Water Project abd commissioned the water gallery at Thinkers Corner Enugu.

Commissioning the project on Saturday, November 25, 2023 after the commissioning of the 9th Mile 24/7 Water Scheme in fulfillment of his campaign promise to restore water to Enugu city in 180 days from the date of his inauguration, Dr. Mbah explained that the water gallery will ensure citizens, who may not have water supply connected to their premises, get their water from the gallery.

Regretting the dire water challenges faced by Enugu residents before now, he said availability of potable water was consequential to his administration’s vision to raise the state’s economy from $.4.4 billion to $30 billion GDP in four to eight years.

Announcing that his administration has already built 96 water galleries already, upon assumption of office Dr. Mbah stated “It was clear to us that the status…
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A Vision Beyond Challenges

Enugu State Water Corporation envisions a future where challenges are opportunities in disguise. By addressing infrastructure concerns, combating water scarcity, and minimizing losses, we're not just ensuring a reliable water supply today – we're building the foundation for a sustainable and water-secure tomorrow, one drop at a time.