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Our Production Sites

There are two primary sources of water viz; (a) surface water (streams, rivers, lakes, etc., and (b) groundwater, i.e. water in the pore spaces of rocks which can be harnessed via hand dug wells, boreholes, springs, etc.)

24/7 9th Miles

This facility is one of the most modern water production areas worldwide. Twenty-four boreholes are equipped with brand-new pumps, which extract clean and clear water from a depth of 150 meters. The installed capacity reaches 70,000m3 per day, and the water is transported to our main reservoir Gravity Market just by Gravity. The pumps are designed to run 24/7 based on a steady electricity supply. To guarantee this 24-hour gas power supply, operated by CNG, an independent 4 MW gas power plant was implemented.
The total capacity of this water reservoir is estimated at around 200,000m3 per day.


Oji River

With its two booster stations Öbinofia and Umudim, Oji River is one of the main water supplies for Enugu City. With its eight artisan boreholes, a daily production of 50,000m3 can be easily achieved. Right now, the production reaches around 20,000m3 per day but will be increased to total capacity in 2024 See ongoing Projects

Iva Valley

Iva Valley consists of two springs that were discovered in 1909 and produce pure, portable water. For many years, these two springs made almost 10,000m3 of water per day by gravity to one of the main reservoirs at the new market.
Because of poor maintenance and vandalization, the production went down to 1000m3 per day, but this production area will be remodeled in 2024 See ongoing Projects